Let's help our friends at Communities Assist, The Yoga Travel Companyand A Sound Lifereach their goal this festive season of raising $50k to build a Sustainable Practices Education Centre (SPEC) for the community at Rainbow Ridge Tanzania. 

With all proceeds going directly toward the project the vision behind this fantastic campaign is to offer affordable vocational edication and training for the 26 orphaned Kili Kids and the local community. Education and training will focus on permaculture, mechanics, computer skills, sewing, music and yoga. 

Funds raised will go directly toward the construction of the Eco Vocational Education & Training Center including:

- Earth moving works and construction
- Materials for concreting, insulation, doors & windows
- Local labour for reusing four onsite shipping containers as classrooms. 

This SPEC will help with building the interests, passion and abilities of every individual whilst supporting the needs and education of both children and adults to gain a job and pursue their dreams. 

Communities Assist has been working at Rainbow Ridge Tanzania for 10years and has partnered up with The Yoga Travel Company and A Sound Life to extend its capabilities and help those in need. This Crowd Funding Campaign will run until January 31st 2017, make a difference now, every little bit counts. 

Let's help build a better self sustainable future.


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