Every year on April 25, we come together as a nation to commemorate our soldiers, past and present, as we recognize their bravery, love, skill, mate ship, passion and courage, which they have so kindly shown by their fight, service and passing to the military and their homes.

It was on this day in 1915 that our ANZAC soldiers landed by sea upon the cliff-ridden shores of Gallipoli, Turkey, under the cover of darkness, battling to beat the break of dawn and marking the beginning of a lengthy battle between the Allies and the Turkish soldiers during World War 1.

Surrounded by sheer cliff faces and hundreds of hidden Turkish soldiers the ANZAC’s fell under immediate gun power and unbeatable odds. By the end of the costly battle at Gallipoli, the Allies saw the loss of 8701 Australian and 2701 New Zealand brave soldiers.

Now, 102 years later we remember those who fought, served and fight both abroad and here at home in a day dedicated to our ANZAC’s.

Where to remember our ANZAC’s this year.

Dawn Services

Martin Place, Sydney, NSW.

Join thousands as they gather within Sydney’s City Centre for a 4.30am pre-dawn service which honours our loved fallen soldiers, followed by the ANZAC Day March which begins at 9am from outside Elizabeth Street and Martin Place.

North Bondi RSL, Bondi Beach, NSW.

Gather at Australia’s most famous beachfront at 5.30am for a dawn service, wreath laying and the sounding of the Last Post.

Coogee Beach, Coogee, NSW.

Remember our fallen soldiers in a pre-dawn service with the soft sounds of crashing waves, the last post, a minutes silence and wreath laying before joining your loved ones in a post dawn breakfast in one of the many opening businesses.

ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey.

Sleep under the stars at the foot of the sheer cliff front that saw so many lives end and awake to a Dawn Service like no other as you not only remember and honour those who have fallen before you but you feel them in the air.

The day doesn’t end here as we as a nation continue into a day of celebrations with Two-up being played into the early hours of the evening.

Two-up Locations

The Glenmore, The Rocks, NSW.

Get there early and get yourself a seat with a view as you look of Australia’s most iconic. Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Cargo Bar, Darling Harbour, NSW.

Join this waterfront location in their massive outdoor area if you really want to spend the day winning a bet or two in a game of two-up.

Beach Road Hotel, Bondi, NSW.

Get your two-up game on from 12pm in one of Bondi’s best venues for ANZAC Day celebrations.

Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee, NSW.

Get yourself to one of Sydney’s biggest beer garden’s in the East if you really want to do ANZAC Day Two-up right.

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