Ethical Gift Giving for Christmas

by Barzura | December 6, 2016
Ethical Gift Giving for Christmas

We love Christmas and we cherish what it stands for, the opening of hearts to help one another, which is why we love Ethical Gift Giving and how it can help change the lives of those around us.

This year we have done the hard work for you and we have found for you our favourite Ethical Gifts that you could give to your family and friends this festive season.

For us, in order to be an ethical gift they need to be sustainably sourced and produced or be designed to help those that need it most.


  • Communities Assist- This comes as no surprise as it has come in as our main charity organization for years. This year however, things are being done a little differently. Communities Assist along with The Livingroom Yoga School Coogee Beach and A Sound Life are working together to fundraise $50k to help build an Education and Vocational Training Centre for the 26 Kili Kids and the local community at Rainbow Ridge, Tanzania. This really is the best gift you could really give, helping such beautiful smiling faces learn the skills they need to gain a job and develop a lifelong passion and empowerment. 

  • The Possibility Project– Well of course we love this one, it is Australian but more so they have managed to create such beautiful objects from the simplest of resources. Employing locals in India to help transform these garments into master pieces the Possibility Project is also boosting the local income through their work whilst also protecting our precious environment from the overkill that is fast fashion. 

  • Pacific Artisan– The newest organization on our list, kick starting back in December 2015, this Australian run organization works toward sourcing, producing, purchasing and celebrating the best traditional pieces of work from fantastically talented women across the Pacific. With natural and sustainable products ranging from jewelry to table runners, Pacific Artisan has everything you could need this Christmas. 

  • Salvation Army- Every year at Barzura we host a reverse Christmas tree where members of the community are welcomed to come and contribute by placing a gift for someone else underneath. All gifts collected, big or small, will be delivered to the Salvation Army for Christmas, bring a smile to other during this festive season. 

Just remember, Christmas is more than just a time of giving but rather a time of love and compassion. Let us all share this amongst the people of the world. 

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, filled with love and happiness. 

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