Breakfast | Brunch

Good morning Bloody Mary or Breakfast bubbly Bellini   10


All egg dishes made with free-range eggs served with one slice of sourdough toast

Fried or scrambled eggs served with tomato chutney   12

Benedict baked eggs with salmon, baby spinach & hollandaise sauce   18

Shakshuka baked eggs with red pepper & tomato puree, labneh yoghurt & zaatar   18



Blanched spinach, sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, crispy potato rosti, sausages, feta, goats cheese   5each  

Avocado, grilled haloumi, smoked salmon, pancetta, bacon  6 each

Toast (2 slices) - soy linseed, rye, Turkish, sourdough or gluten free   6


Corn fritter, smashed avocado & crispy bacon served with tomato chutney   18   

Crispy pancetta, avocado, roasted tomato & aioli on toasted sourdough   17

Smashed avocado, kale, feta & chili flakes on toasted sourdough   16

Hotcakes, poached pear, honeycomb butter & maple syrup   17

Croissant with jam    6

Ham & cheese taostie (gluten free bread option)*  14

Banana bread served with walnut butter (one slice)   7


Fruit | Grains | Cereal

Seasonal fruit salad with natural yoghurt   14

Bircher muesli & poached fruit topped with roasted almonds   14

Roasted granola, natural yogurt & fruit salad   14

Traditional hot oat porridge with poached pear, rhubarb compote & pistachios 12


Nasi Goreng with free range chicken, bacon, peanuts, chili, coriander & a fried egg  (veggie option also available)     21

Mie Goreng with boneless chicken, bacon, vegetables, shredded egg & sambal (veggie option also available)    23

Chicken (free range) congee - rice soup with chili, ginger, coriander & garlic   17

Omelette with bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, garlic chives, tomato & coriander  17


Bites 7am-5pm

Kale soul bowl of avocado, beetroot, quinoa, edamame, mixed leaf, fermented pink cabbage, lemon & olive oil dressing    19

Grilled fish burger with sea weed, tomato, rocket, coleslaw & thick cut chips   19.5

Grilled Moorish spiced free range chicken tenderloin burger, aioli, tomato, baby cos, coleslaw & thick cut chips    19

Haloumi burger + kale, quinoa salad    19


Smoothies | Frappes | Shakes | Juice 

Green smoothie - baby spinach, spirulina, coconut water, banana, activated almonds, natural yoghurt, manuka honey & chia seeds  12

Acai smoothie - unsweetened acai, banana, honey, coconut water, granola  12

Mango or banana or mixed berry smoothie (yoghurt) or frappe (crushed ice)   8

Mango, banana, mixed berry, chocolate or vanilla shakes (ice cream)   8

Orange, apple or watermelon fresh juice   8   (until 3pm only)


Soft drinks

Remedy kombucha – cherry plum or ginger lemon  6.5

Lebanese lemonade   6

Guava or lemon iced-tea   6

Nakula organic coconut water   6

Sparkling water 750ml   6.5

Coke, Zero or Sprite   4.3

Ginger beer   4.8


Coffee | Tea | Chai | Chocolate

Short black, macchiato or   piccolo   3.3   

Cappuccino, latte, flat white, long black  or chai latte  Rgl  3.8    Lrg 4.5

Mocha Lrg 5,  Hot chocolate Lrg 4.5

Turmeric golden latté,  beetroot & cacao pink latté or  matcha green CHANGE latté Lge  5
Byron chai loose leaf tea   4.5

Earl Grey, English Breakfast, fresh mint, chamomile, peppermint, green   4

Iced coffee or chocolate with whipped cream & ice cream   7

Extra shot, decaf, soy  + 50c  or  almond milk   +1


We cannot guarantee that our food is free of allergens

10 % surcharge on Sundays & public holidays
Credit card charges apply.



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